Monday, August 24, 2009

Shiny Little Orphans

I plan to take Slim to PetSmart next month and see how it goes. We show some of the dogs there every week. I haven't taken Tootsie there for awhile because she is old and I don't think anyone will want her. Paco hasn't been there for some time because he is on medication for a skin infection. I want to get the infection cleared up before I show him again.

I have taken Walter and Major there, but they have not caused any ripples of interest. I think I will put new collars on them next time and tie colorful bandanas around their necks. This helps sometimes. We shine them up and hope they behave nicely in front of the public. Often, they do not.

They bark at passersby, growl at children, pee on other dogs, poop in the middle of the floor, and leap up over and over like crazed jumping jacks. Some of them turn into slugs that won't budge from their crates or wag their tails. We smile and say things like, "He's not like this at home." "She calms down when she is out of the crate for awhile." "He is smart and will be easy to train." "She is just a little scared and nervous."

And it is true! The little fur balls do act differently at home!

I have confidence that I will eventually find the perfect homes for my foster kids. It is heaven when you match a dog to an adopter and feel that it is going to be a great relationship and that the adopter won't be calling you in a week or two and asking to return the dog. Like the dog is a product instead of a family member.

We received a call last week from someone who has had one of our dogs for 9 years and now wants us to take it back because it bit her neighbor. That is traumatic. But why doesn't she just put the dog in a crate or behind a closed door when there are visitors? What did the neighbor do when he/she was bitten? Maybe the dog is ill or hurt in some way. There are so many variables besides kicking the dog to the curb.

Sometimes it is so disheartening. But I will prevail! I will find homes for my foster kids.

Even Slim

But probably not Tootsie. Sorry Toots. Getting old sucks, even for dogs.

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