Sunday, August 23, 2009

Read with Caution

Little Slim continues to amaze me. He wants up in my lap now and will sit and relish being loved and petted and kissed. He plays quite rough with Walter, one of my other foster dogs.
Slim occasionally wees in his bed, but no pooh. Although I did catch him eating pooh out in the yard. This is common, unfortunately, in breeder or puppy mill dogs. They sit in their own mess and are hungry and will eat what is there. Afterall, it smells sort of like dog food, I suppose.
I'm pooper scooping a lot to keep him from being tempted. I have other dogs that will down a turd now and then also. One of my dogs has an upset stomach and I'm giving her medicine for it. I figure she ate some pooh that didn't agree with her.
Well, hasn't this turned into a fine post? For those who are delicate, forgive me. When you work with dogs, you tend to get more ho-hum about this subject. I have used products on the market that supposedly makes pooh less tasty to dogs, but none of it has worked very well. The best thing for me is to get out there and scoop it up to get the dogs out of the habit.
Back to Slim...he is doing quite well and I do believe I might start showing him out at PetSmart to see how he does. He's not the cutest pup in the joint, for sure, with his spidery long legs and skinny bod, but he is adoptable. I just need to find the right person who will love him for making such progress, given his stunted start in life.

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  1. One of my current foster dogs is a poo eater too. He/she will remain anonymous for the time being. I have no idea how to cure this ailment.