Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chew Chew Time

At my house five o'clock can only mean one thing. No, not quittin' time or the news. At Debby's house is it Chew Chew Time.

The dogs stretch awake and begin circling toward me, eyeing each other, nuzzling each other, coming to life. Then comes the staring. Let's all sit near Debby and stare at her until she gets up and heads for the Cookie Jar in the kitchen.

Funny how we get into habits -- some not so bad and some we wish we hadn't started. Smoking. Drinking beer. Eating donuts. Cursing. Dating jerks. Giving dogs treats at five o'clock.

If I don't get up and give them doggy treats, the canines begin to get really restless the closer to six it gets. Today I was very, very busy working and it was past five. Way past. Okay. It was close to seven when I surrendered to the "stare" and headed for the Cookie Jar.

The dogs behaved like a pack of starving wolves. It took me five minutes to get them to sit and calm down. No chew chews during chaos! Finally, they were quiet. Quiveringly quiet. The chew chews commenced. The whole thing was over in a blink of an eye and a lap of the tongue.

Dogs love habits. Routines? They dig 'em. A great day for my dogs begins with a run in the backyard, breakfast, watching Debby eat breakfast, a brisk walk and a few wrestling matches and sprints, watching Debby eat lunch, a long nap, another long nap, the mailman, a run in the backyard, a nap, chew chew time, watching Debby eat dinner, a nap, the evening stroll, bedtime.

There is something to be said for the dog's life. Especially if you are my dogs.


  1. Yes, they love a cookie routine. You have hit the nail on the head yet again. Mine gather in the kitchen after their last walk of the day. Morty jumps on the cabinet door where the cookies are kept. Judy gets close to me so she can get the first one. Cholly wanders in slowly. Bernice stands in the kitchen door as she is still afraid. They all start leaping up and down (except Cholly who is old and just drools) when the cookie bag comes out and is opened. In a minute or so, one cookie is handed out to each one and it's over. Unless Judy can steal crumbs left on the floor or growl one of the others into dropping a piece of cookie. Ah, the power of the cookie.

  2. So true, Nora! Gypsy tries to edge everybody out of the way just like Judy. She is constantly glancing at this one, that one, trying to keep them all in line. There is no doubt that she's the alpha female!
    The dog treat is a wondrous thing. Some dogs are absolutely ga-ga for them. Remember Princess? And Higgins is just like her! When there is a dog treat around Princess and Higgins zeroed in like a laser and the rest of the world fell away.