Thursday, October 1, 2009

Degrees of Affection

I have several dogs and they all have their levels of affection. Like people, some dogs are extremely affectionate and demonstrative and others are reserved and even aloof.
My female chihuahua/rat terrier loves me. No doubt. We have a deep, abiding affection and respect for each other. She looks me right in the eyes and there is understanding there. It's a gift to have a dog who knows you so well and loves you so completely.
My female chihuahua is 9 and has always been a bit stand-offish. She will come to me once or twice a day and want affection, but never for very long. After a few minutes, she gets antsy, growls, snarls, and jumps down, ready to snap at any dog in her path. Her bark is worse than her bite and everyone here knows it. But we tolerate her showing out.
My male chihuahua is all baby. He wants to be in my chair with me every evening and he enjoys being kissed and snuggled. The more, the better for him.
My other male chihuahua is a whole 'nother story. He is a lump of quirks. When I catch his eye and tell him I love him, he turns away quickly and hotfoots it out of the room. Never fails. When he is in his doggy bed and I utter sweet somethings across the room to him, he folds back his ears and turns away from me. Can't bear to even look at me! He will allow me to pick him up and love on him. (He usually pees a little when I pick him up. So charming!)I can tell that he actually enjoys being petted, but he never allows himself to really let go and wag his tail or anything so overt. He acts as if he is annoyed and could care less if I continue to snuggle, pet, rub, and tell him he is one handsome hunk of burnin' love. He will never, ever show me that he really digs me. But I know he does.
Do you have a dog with attachment issues? Do you think the dog will someday turn over a new leaf and show you the love?
Do you also believe that fleas can run off and join the flea circus?
Just wondering.


  1. No fleas do not usually run off and join the flea circus but it must not be impossible because where do they get those little performers? Fleas R Us?

  2. Nora, you know those bracelets that have WWJD on them (What Would Jesus Do?)...I think you should live your life for one week as What Would Judy Do. Wouldn't that be interesting? Would you have any friends left or would you actually make more friends???