Friday, October 23, 2009

Trix and Treats

Dogs are a constant surprise. Just when I think I have Gypsy, my female chihuahua/rat terrier mix, all figured out, she tricks me. I brought home Scrappy, an energetic "in your face, bub" kind of pup. He has been in a couple of other foster homes and I have always admired him. Being a solid black kid, he was more difficult to adopt out, so I took him in to give it a whirl. As it happened, I only had him a couple of weeks before he was adopted. However, when I brought him home I figured that he and my Gypsy would go a few rounds. I thought it would be good for Scrappy to be put in his place by a bossy alpha female. He needed to be taught a few manners.
So I waited and watched. Naturally, Gypsy proved to me that I don't know nuttin'.
Gypsy ignored Scrappy at first...hardly even giving him her usual welcome of charging at him and screeching in his face in an attempt to make his eardrums bleed. For two or three days, she barely gave him a glance.
Then she did start watching him and I thought, uh-oh, here we go. Gypsy is going to teach him what's what in the dog-dominance world.
The next thing I knew Gypsy was doing the play-bow in front of Scrappy, inviting him to frolic with her! Huh? Then they were racing around the yard together. Gypsy was deliriously happy, almost smiling as she ran in large circles with Scrap-Happy on her heels.
This behavior continued. Gypsy even began cutting him from the dog herd, singling him out, getting him away from the others to have him to herself. Then they would do the chasing thing, both of them grinning like drunks on New Year's Eve. It was downright weird. And very unGypsylike.
Scrappy went to his new home this week and Gypsy seems sort of droopy. She misses the little guy.
Darn it, so do I. I enjoyed the show.

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