Friday, September 25, 2009

Here We Go Again

Big news!
Walter was adopted and is doing well in his new home.
Now I have two new kids to get to know. One is a poodle mix named Taffy. She is six pounds of white fluff. She looks a lot like a tiny lamb. She is a big baby, wanting to be petted all the time.
The other is Levi, a wonderfully charming border terrier. He is about 3 years old. Taffy is 2 years old. Taffy came from an animal hoarder along with her brother Tate. Levi was rescued from the Tulsa pound, and I must say that whoever let him go is a darned fool. Their loss. Big time. He's a great little guy. Loving and smart and fun to be around. He is low to the ground like a dachshund, but with a bright, happy terrier personality. He is simply adorable.
Both kids are almost housetrained. They need a bit of reminding from time to time. They get along well with Slim and spend much of their days going outside, chasing squirrels, chasing each other, and then racing back inside to plop down and take a nap.
I took them to PetSmart last Saturday and felt sure they would be snapped up, but no takers. It was a slow day. I'm taking them both again tomorrow and I hope we have better luck. I really want to get them settled into new homes with owners who really appreciate them.
We have some fantastic dogs right now for adoption. Now all we need are some fantastic dog lovers to come forth and stake their claims.

P.S. Hey you pug lovers! Norita just brought in two or three pugs for adoption. Better hurry up and get your applications in.

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