Friday, March 9, 2012

Crazy Dog People

Dog rescuers are often called crazy and fanatic. We get used to it, but that doesn't mean we like it or feel it is deserved. Often we are called crazy by people who think that spaying and neutering is "mutilating" your pet and think nothing of cropping tails, clipping ears, and declawing cats! Go figure.

Day after day we listen to messages left on the ARF line from people who think nothing of tossing away their furry family members for the slimmest of reasons. Here are the Top Five excuses or explanations from people who call us and want us to take animals off their hands along with what we would LIKE to tell them but refrain from doing so.

1. I'm moving to Texas, so I can't keep my dog. News flash! Texas and the rest of the United States allow dogs, so you can take your dog with you!
2. I rescued a stray dog yesterday but I can't keep him, so I need someone to come get him and find him a good home. News flash! You picked up a stray and now you want us to rescue him. There is a difference.
3. Someone dumped four puppies in our yard and we need someone to come get them and find homes for them because they are so sweet. They are only 7 weeks old. News flash! We know that those puppies are yours and that you STILL haven't made an appointment to spay the female dog that gave birth to them.
4. I'm moving to an apartment that doesn't allow pets, so I need to get rid of my 14 year old cat. News flash! Many apartment complexes allow pets (especially cats) with a small or no pet deposit. If you love your pet, move to one of those!
5. My boyfriend is allergic to my cat, so I need to find her a new home. Can you guys help me? News flash! Ask your boyfriend to take medicine for his allergies and stay clear of your cat. After all, in a couple of months he will probably be history anyway, right?

Go to a local shelter one day and look at the dogs and cats there. All they did to end up in those dog runs and cat cages was to love someone with their whole hearts who didn't love them back.

So, who's crazy?

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