Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ARF to the Rescue!

ARF members have been Rescue Rangers extrodinaire lately. One little dog, named Koehler after the doctor who helped patch him back together, is now available for adoption. He came to us with a badly broken pelvis and leg. Veterinarians and plastic surgeons (!)worked hard on him and pieced him back together. He is a sweet guy anyone would love.

Another little dog was rescued after ARF members saw it hit by a car in heavy traffic on a main street in Tulsa. They stopped traffic long enough to pick up the wounded, unconscious, 4 pound dog. They rushed him to Bent Arrow Veterinary Clinic. He came to and stirred, but was in great pain. His leg was broken in a couple of places. ARF footed the bill and he was put back together again. "Lucky" is recovering nicely and up for adoption.

What can you say about people who will go above and beyond for innocent animals who are caught in traffic, scared, hungry, helpless? The motorist who hit the little dog didn't even tap his brakes and kept on trucking. Thank heavens for people who give a darn and stop to help. And for the wonderful veterinarians and other medical personnel who donate their time and discount their fees to help rescue groups like ARF save more dogs from being euthanized.

The ARF president helped round up a pomeranian that was loose in traffic around a shoppping mall in Tulsa. When she finally caught it, she was shocked to see that it had an ARF tattoo. She checked the ARF line and, sure enough, the new adopter had left a message about how her new dog had slipped from its harness and had raced off. She returned the pom to the owner with a stern warning about cinching up a harness or collar so that the dog is secure but not uncomfortable.

This month is Spay and Neuter Month. Please spread the word to spay and neuter pets. Do a good deed this month by making a donation to a rescue group like ARF or telling your veterinarian that you will pay for a spay/neuter for a client the veterinarian feels needs financial help to do the right thing for his/her dog or cat. You will earn your stars in heaven and become a RESCUE RANGER yourself!

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