Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Terrible Terrier Squeal

I have a rat terrier mix that I love, but I don't love her terrier high-pitched squeal/scream. That ear-piercing shriek that is like a rusty knife. When I bring home a foster dog or Gypsy sees a squirrel or any other exciting thing, she does that horrible pain-inducing scream.

Naturally, I scream back at her to SHUT UP! Lot of good it does.

When neighbors approach the fence to tell me the latest -- the Nelsons are moving, Sadie Hunter's son finally visited her, the Bakers got a new dog, etc. -- I can hardly hear them because of Gypsy's screaming. I can stop it only by picking her up and holding her while I warn under my breath, "Shut your mouth!" I'm sure my neighbors think I'm nuts to be fostering dogs when I can't even keep my own under control. No matter if Gypsy has seen these neighbors numerous times and enjoyed being petted by them, she does the scream until I pick her up and make her shut her dogfood hole.

It really is her only major flaw, though. I adore her. She looks me right in the eyes and I can see the love she has for me in those chocolate brown eyes. So what's an ear bleed here and there when you have a dog who can melt your heart with one long look?

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